Awesome/Annoying/Who Cares

Upon glancing at a few music news sites today, I was both intrigued and annoyed with some of the upcoming newness we have going on. Here they are in their respective categories.

The Awesome

Even a music snob like myself can admit to being excited about Lady Gaga’s new album, Born This Way. Her every move is newsworthy – that is something that is truly hard to accomplish. Her Little Monsters have been tweeting about her new track titled “Edge of Glory,” along with the fact that her video for born this way is something like the second coming. By the way, it’s due out this May.

The Decemberists have landed their first Billboard #1 album with The King is Dead! Hooray!

Beyoncé is attempting to work with Sleigh Bells and Diplo on her next album. The Beyoncé part of this could be portrayed as annoying, but if you’re a fan of a later two like I am, it could potentially make Bé better than she’s been since, like … “Dangerously in Love.”

Wiz Khalifa’s hotly anticipated debut, Rolling Papers , is set to be released on March 29.

The Annoying

Even though Nicki Minaj and Drake aren’t a couple (yea, okay), she told BBC‘s Tim Westwood what she thinks they’re children “will” look like before going on to say that she didn’t mean it and it would be “like incest or something.” Maybe if they stopped rapping about each other people wouldn’t be so suspicious.

David Guetta helped further exploit exult the 15 minutes of fame Keenan Cahill has acquired by shooting his music video. Ugh.

50 Cent is releasing an album this summer called Black Magic. It’s the sequel to “Magic Stick,” except it’s traded Lil Kim for Nicki Minaj. Not really.

Britney Spears‘ new album will sound more like Blackout than Circus. Great, let’s mimic the album that no one bought … it’ll catch on eventually.

… And the “Who Cares”

Avril Lavigne’s new video for “What the Hell” off her March 8 release, Goodbye Lullaby was shot in 3-D. Glitter and ties will be shoved in the faces of viewers everywhere.

Jennifer Lopez shot a video for her new song “On the Floor,” and was able to “get wild.” She’s makes a better American Idol judge than an actress or a musician. And that’s not saying much.

David Cook is more confident on his new album. Wait … who?

Jessica Simpson is finally being allowed to release her workout videos. As a girl who could stand to lose a few, I’ll remain silent about the fact that these videos were clearly made a couple years ago. Opps.

Nick Carter’s lil bro Aaron Carter is in rehab. At least he can hang out with A.J. McLean.


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